Alternate Therapeutics Atherton Tablelands are recognised by most private health funds in Australia for alternate therapeutic services. Check with your private health insurer to better understand what you are covered for.

Alternate Therapeutics does not have HICAPS – the electronic claims and payment service for on-the-spot claims and payments with Australian Private Health Insurers. However, you can claim retrospectively with your private health fund after your appointment with us.

Your initial 1-hour Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation is $150 As a new welcomed client at Alternate Therapeutics Health & Skin Clinic Atherton, upon arrival you will be required to complete a new client information and consent form. Your initial consultation will include a thorough discussion of your health concerns or complaints with your health care professional.
Follow up Appointment to receive services: prices will be discussed with you in advance and vary based on your individual needs. The effect of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine services are cumulative, and it may take anywhere between 2 to 5 treatments before changes can occur in the body.

A suggested checklist before you arrive: Wear light and loose clothing so that you can be comfortable during your treatment. Try to eat a light meal / snack around 1 hour prior to your visit. It is best not to eat anything too heavy, nor be too hungry when undergoing Acupuncture or other services. Bring a list of any medications you are currently taking, including vitamin and mineral supplements. Be honest in your lifestyle appraisal – this will help our practitioner suggest a suitable program for your specific set of health concerns.

Both acupuncture and dry needling involve placing needles at specific points in the body, however there are vast differences.  Acupuncturists study for a minimum of 4 years and are registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia.  Acupuncture follows a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing.  Dry needling focuses only on the affected area.  Click here for more information.

This will be discussed with you and your Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Appointments at our Atherton Clinic are based upon the individual’s needs, the complaints or issues an individual is experiencing, and how they respond to each remedy or service received. Therefore, the frequency of appointments can vary.

People often turn to this ancient drug-free therapeutic service for improved health and wellbeing. One of the most important concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that of Qi, the vital force or energy that flows through a system of channels in the body known as the Meridians. The goal of acupuncture is to establish healthy body function by restoring the natural circulation of energy, or Qi. Acupuncture is using a sterile single use fine needle (approximately 0.2mm diameter) that is inserted into the skin. Once the needle is inserted it is stimulated at various depths and points around the body creating therapeutic effects. Hydro – Acupuncture (point injection) is needling therapy by injecting sodium chloride into various points on the body.

No, acupuncture is not considered painful. The insertion of the needles into the acupuncture points is not a painful process as the needles are very fine. Sometimes you may feel a slight tingling, or an electric sensation as the needle enters the skin, but over time and by having regular appointments, acupuncture can be relaxing.

Acupuncture may assist with more common complaints or health issues such as muscle and joint pain, respiratory complaints, skin issues, headaches, chronic pain, arthritis, sports injuries, depression, fatigue & insomnia, stress & anxiety.

Yes, we prescribe herbal medicines at Alternate Therapeutics Health & Skin Clinic, Atherton as part of your health consultation if required. We do take a traditional approach to medicine, extracting ingredients from natural sources and combining different herbs that may help to promote and support health and wellbeing. Herbal medicines may be an oral intake of tea and /or tablets, and external application of herbal pads and ointments. We offer a full complement of traditional herbal medicines and may combine them with vitamin and mineral supplements.