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Alternate Therapeutics approaches such conditions in the aid to restore liver cells via herbal remedies


The Liver is the heaviest gland in our body, it holds many important biological functions for optimum health, making healthy liver vital. Unfortunately, due to diet and recreational pleasures, the liver can struggle with maintaining normal functions.

Alternate Therapeutics approaches such condition in the aid to restore liver cells via herbal remedies which in turn reduces liver enzymes bettering liver biology and liver morphology.

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The cause of this disorder is still a mystery, thus making it difficult to diagnosis. Due to this fact CFS is diagnosed by an evaluation of common symptoms including: unexplained fatigue, pain and tenderness in muscles and joints, headaches, poor concentration, tender lymph nodes in neck or armpits and unrefreshed sleep (insomnia). Each individual varies with these symptoms, but the most common symptoms are fatigue, mental fog (poor concentration & memory) and insomnia.

Alternate Therapeutics approaches CFS in the effort to minimise these symptoms bettering quality of life.


Both of these conditions in Chinese Medicine are viewed as symptoms of internal health imbalances.

Chinese Treatments for Chronic Constipation and Diarrhoea Atherton
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Chronic venous ulcers of the lower leg usually results from chronic venous insufficiency of the lower extremities. This may be from variable aetiologies, for example: obesity, venous valve incompetence or poor systemic circulation. Regardless the aetiology, this condition is persistent, recurring and difficult to cure. Unfortunately prolonged ulceration may lead to the development of malignancy.

Alternate Therapeutics approaches chronic venous ulcers of the lower leg internally and externally. Internal herbal medicine is administered to improve venous circulation whilst external herbal remedies are used to prevent the progression of diameter and depth by helping the skin to proliferate quicker.

Acupuncture and Light Therapy are also deployed depending on severity.


These lesions are often isolated and are distributed anywhere on the sole of the foot but most commonly on the pressure areas of the sole. These lesions are not strictly confined to the sole of the foot but can be seen on the palmer side of the fingers. When squeezed they are generally painful and tender.

Alternate Therapeutics deploys herbal medicated gauze as the chief treatment.

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