Acne and breakouts still dominating your life?

Acne and other skin complaints isn’t just a problem with your skin. It’s a warning sign of an inner body imbalance.

Breakouts and acne severity is different for everyone.  It can present in teenage years and can affect women and men in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.  But we get acne and breakouts because of the “condition” of our skin, right? The shortest answer is maybe, maybe not.

The reason we have skin complaints like acne, acne scarring, and breakouts could be a natural skin imbalance and can be remedied quickly with excellent results sometimes.  In our professional experience, the reason is deeper than what is happening on the surface of your skin.

Get to the root cause of skin complaints. What we see on the skin is usually the result of what is happening internally in your body. It’s perhaps your body’s way of trying to remove body imbalances and bringing it to the surface of your skin.  We should look, listen, and respect the messages our body naturally provides us.

Yes, there are topical treatments available and how many have you tried? How many times have you swapped out one product for another not seeing positive changes.  How many unused products are in your bathroom draw or cupboard to perhaps bring out and try again at another time?

Some products will keep skin complaints at bay for a time until your skin flares up again.  This for some people is very manageable and they can be very happy, confident, and satisfied with this skin routine.  For others, it is too risky and is a skin problem they want gone.  They want their skin confidence back.  They seek clear, healthy skin all the time. They don’t want to be at the mercy of acne breakouts that affects their everyday life and lifestyle.

It’s not just skin deep. Our clinic’s approach combines an inner body health consult with a skin health consult.  We use pulse diagnosis, Chinese herbal medicine, skin consult and analysis. We also ask questions about your diet, lifestyle, work, home, school environments.  This gives us a much better holistic understanding of your overall health.

It’s not a quick fix.  We too wish it was a simple fix! A consistent, custom skin care plan coupled with a consistent, custom inner health therapeutic plan is what we recommend.  It is a commitment and a journey some would attest.  In general terms our clients see improvement to skin health within a range of 1 to 6 months.  Like anything we do to better ourselves physically, mentally, educationally, and so forth, it takes time.  Keeping up healthy habits, routines and commitments is important.  Skin health is no different.

Our combo approach isn’t purely topical remedies. We introduce topical products if they are needed after the acne, breakout problem is calmed and is under control.  We remedy the underlying root cause first.  We do this through pulse diagnosis and Chinese herbal medicine.  A custom therapeutic plan is made just for you.  Skin treatments occur after a skin consult & analysis and may include a custom topical product, low level laser to further assist reduction of skin inflammation and acne scarring.  Low level laser helps flatten and calm acne, uneven texture, and skin tone. Skin treatment may also include Hydrafacial – an intensely nourishing, no down time skin treatment to further rejuvenate and protect your skin.

Why consider our Atherton clinic? Alternate Therapeutics Skin Practitioner holds qualifications from the Australasian College of Natural Therapies and has a full government accredited laser licence to use laser equipment safely on the skin.  Alternate Therapeutics Atherton Clinic’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner is registered with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency), the Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association and the Chinese Medical Board of Australia.

Consults + appointments are available and most welcome at our Atherton clinic 0401 488 509 or make enquiry online.