Acne. It’s a skin thing.

Acne is a skin thing and it’s not just skin deep. Did you know the root of your acne skin complaint can be your auto immune system? So many of us understand acne to be a skin deep complaint.  It isn’t always the case.  Your body’s inner health can affect your body’s outer health – your skin. What is going on internally, your digestive health, your gut health, your diet, lifestyle, stress levels, your environment – work, home life can all play a role in your overall skin health and proneness to acne.

Acne isn’t just a teenage skin complaint.  It can affect men and women in ther 20’s, 30’s and 40’s for a myriad of reasons.  Acne can affect the face, chest, shoulders and upper back areas of the body. Alternate Therapeutics Health & Skin Clinic like to include a skin analysis and inner health review of potential internal body imbalances to assess acne complaints.

Acne complaints are more than applying topical products.  It’s not just skin deep. We use a therapeutic and holistic approach to better understand your inner and outer health. A consultation with Alternate Therapeutics Health & Skin Clinic Atherton Tablelands, will combine pulse diagnosis, Chinese herbal medicine and a skin consult and analysis.  Most private health funds allow for health claims of alternate therapy services. Our consult combination is unique and allows us to better understand your body’s internal imbalances that maybe affecting your skin health.

So what is involved in an initial skin and health consult? Alternate Therapeutics Health & Skin Clinic provide a 90 minute inner health & skin consult.  It is a combination of pulse diagnosis and a skin consult and analysis.  We encourage clients to bring with them topical products they are using or have tried.  The outcome will be a holistic understanding of your inner health and skin and a custom therapeutic care plan especially for you targetting the active relief of acne.

Acne is different for everyone in look, feel and severity.  There is no quick fix and masking acne as a quick fix doesn’t do much for anyone as a confidence booster.  A consistent, custom approach is what Alternate Therapeutics Health & Skin Clinic provide.  By combining pulse diagnosis, Chinese herbal medicine and a skin consult and analysis, we are better equipped to understand where your internal body disruptions are.  In general terms some clients on Atheton Tablelands have seen positive changes to their skin health in one month.  However, a consistent skin therapy plan and approach of up to 6 months will build confidence and better long term inner and outer skin health.

What type of results does your clinic get? In general terms, clients from Atherton Tablelands and clients that travel up from Cairns to our clinic, see a reduction in skin inflammation – redness, lumpy, sore skin.  A calming and flattening of the skin and better texture and tone of the skin.  Once acne is under control and calmed, and happy, healthy skin is established, we may introduce custom topical products, low level laser to further reduce post inflammatory pigment or acne scarring plus Hydrafacial to keep nourishing, protecting and restoring skin health.

Be kind to your skin and be a well being.  Acne skin consults and appointments welcomed.