Acne. Is it just a teenage thing?

So many people ask us at Alternate Therapeutics if acne is just a teenage skin problem.  It isn’t.  It can affect men and women of any age.  It can affect people in their 20’s, 30’s or 40’s aswell as teenage years. Even pregnant women can develop pregnancy acne and post natal Mums can suffer from acne.

People may associate acne with facial skin breakouts – saying things like it’s “hormonal or perhaps oily skin that is prone to acne breakouts”.  Acne can present on the face, neck, shoulders, chest or back.   Acne can look like, but is not limited to, red, inflammed, lumpy, uneven skin texture or tone, conjested skin.  The skin might be oily and it can also be flakey or dry.  Severe acne can develop pustials and can be very sore. Acne is also not solely or directly a result of poor skin hygiene.

Did you know the root of your acne skin complaint can be your auto immune system? So many of us understand acne to be a skin deep complaint.  It isn’t always the case.  Your body’s inner health can affect your body’s outer health – your skin. What is going on internally, your digestive health, your lifestyle, stress levels, your environment – work, home life can all play a role in your overall skin health and proneness to acne.

We look at your body’s internal imbalances. Acne complaints are more than applying topical products.  It’s not just skin deep. It is a therapeutic and holistic approach to your inner and outer health. A consultation at Alternate Therapeutics Health & Skin Clinic Atherton Tablelands, will combine pulse diagnosis, Chinese herbal medicine with a skin consult and analysis.  Most private health funds allow for health claims of alternate therapy services. Our consult combination is unique and allows us to better understand your body’s internal imbalances that maybe affecting your skin health.

Alternate Therapeutics pulse diagnosis has been effective to identify other skin complaints people present with on Atherton Tablelands such as Eczema , Dermatitis or Psoriasis.

What is Pulse Diagnosis? In both Eastern and Western medicine, a patient’s pulse plays an important role because it is a valuable indicator of their well-being. In Chinese Medicine pulse diagnosis is also a very important holistic health diagnostic tool that provides your practitioner with information about the state of your health.  Chinese Medicine pulse diagnosis is a more detailed and subtle process; we are looking for much more than your pulse rate.  The pulse rate is felt but we are also searching for pulse length, depth, and quality because these pulse attributes are equally important. When we put all this information together, we learn more about your wellness in your health consultation.

Therapeutic & holistic intervention. Acne complaints or concerns are not a quick fix. It is a skin thing but is not just skin deep. Combining our skin health consult with our Chinese medicine health consult, Alternate Therapeutics provide internal body and skin relief and care to target acne.

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